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Donate to Totally Local VC Agricultural Education Foundation

Donate to the Totally Local VC Agricultural Education Foundation

Help us build the agricultural leaders and chefs of tomorrow

Totally Local VC Agricultural Education Foundation

Perhaps no other intervention in the lives of young people makes as much intuitive sense as the concept of mentoring and working in internship programs. Research shows that junior high, high school and college-level students that take part in mentoring programs have higher grade-point averages and are more likely to attend college or post-secondary training programs. These students are also less likely to drop out of school, carry weapons, use drugs or engage in other high-risk behaviors.

Over the past seven years, Totally Local VC has worked as an advisor for culinary arts programs at both the high school and college level and, in 2016, started the Totally Local VC Agricultural and Culinary Mentorship and Internship Programs. Together with area chefs and farmers, we have laid the foundation to help empower students in taking the next step in their journeys to achieve their professional goals.

In order to grow and continuously raise the bar on our academic initiatives, we formed the Totally Local VC Agricultural Education Foundation which depends on the support from community members. With your help, we can continue to grow our programs and to work with students on programs and activities that will prepare them for successful careers in agriculture, food science and the culinary arts fields.

These programs are only possible because of passionate supporters just like you! Remember that your investment goes beyond that of monetary support and gives us a firm foundation upon which we help build the future agricultural leaders and chefs of tomorrow.

Whether you are an individual, business, organization or corporation, your support matters.

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