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Jim Martin Photography

Born and raised in Ventura, California. Jim Martin possesses a unique blend of skills incorporating home building, structural and architectural design, and photography. Mechanically inclined from an early age Jim left high school in 1986 to work for his father, a long time and skilled builder. Jim rapidly mastered the art of custom home building and found his services in high demand throughout the County of Ventura and beyond. In 2002, after 16 years in the construction industry, he hung up his bags and founded JMC & Design. The company specializes in architectural design, drafting and photography. Surfing since an early age, he has grown to love and cherish the ocean, with the beauty and power it has to offer.

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Jim Martin

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34 N Palm St Suite 600
Ventura CA 93001


(805) 218-4261

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Jim Martin

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